A Potted plant "Bonsai" 盆栽

The potted plant "Bonsai" is the art which expresses the scenery of Nature in a small bowl. 


It is formed creating the elegant figure of a plant tens of years after. 


You have lived together with it for a long time, and you can see and enjoy the appearance into which it grows up. 


TARO OKAMOTO 岡本太郎(1911-1966)


Taro Okamoto is the artist who made the symbol tower (the Tower of the Sun) in the Osaka expo in 1970. 


About his style of painting, he puts primary colors on canvas skillfully boldly. The work of his gives us terrible force and impact. 


He studied fine arts in Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku(Tokyo University of the Arts). Then, he studied philosophy, sociology, psychopathology, folklore, etc. 


He worried about why he draws a picture. After a while, he met with Picasso's work in France, and his trouble disappeared. 


And his wonderful work was born one after another. You can greatly enjoy his works and history at some art museums in Tokyo. 



Taro Okamoto Museum of Art 川崎市岡本太郎美術館


Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum 岡本太郎記念館