Mackerel Curry サバカレー

"Mackerel Curry" is the hometown curry containing the mackerel landed in the Choshi harbor. As for the curry, the fictitious canned curry used in TV drama was actually commercialized. 


The craftsmen who make canned food gathered and they repeated trial and error based on the recipe of a drama. And the new canned curry as a Choshi specialty was born at last. 


And you can taste the delicious canned curry containing high quality mackerel(The bad smell peculiar to fishes was removed enough)


Ryusi Kawabata 川端龍子(1885-1966)

He drew the Japanese painting which was dynamic and lively. 


"God of Japan, the water, and the dragon" which were drawn on the big screen have the energy which overwhelms those who see. 


In his small art museum in Tokyo, Even now, his wonderful works are continuing encouraging people. 


Ryushi Memorial Hall: