The trip to Aso 阿蘇

Here is comfortable air of only Aso. And there is important history with which Nature and people have coexisted for thousands of years. 


This ground in which passionate fire, clean water, the soil supporting a life, God, and people have lived is making this beautiful green prairie, graceful mountains, and the blue sky. 

You will enjoy this comfort slowly and calmly. 


[Area information]



[Means of transportation]

:Tokyo(Haneda)→ Kumamoto by Air

 Kumamoto Airport → Aso

 by Express BusTicket sales store

:Fukuoka Airport → Yufuin

 by Expressway busTicket sales storeMAP

:Fukuoka Airport → Kurokawa Hot spring

 by Expressway busTicket sales storeMAP


[Deep experience]

Aso Shrine


[Length of stay]

:Three days to one week  


[Place of departure]

:Tokyo(Haneda)→ Kumamoto by Air

 Kumamoto Airport *Kyushu Sanko Bus

Fukuoka AirportAirport information

  *Kamenoi Bus, Hita Bus,Kyushu Sanko Bus


[Place of arrival]

:Aso, Yufuin, and Kurokawa Hot spring(MAP


[Recommended hotels]

<Aso & Kurokawa Hot spring>

Ikoi ryokan


[Recommended BGM]