Ise Shrine (JINGU) 伊勢神宮

The Ise Shrine is a shrine which "people who pray for global peace" visits. Nobody does an individual prayer there. Supposing you walk in the early morning there, you will be a really comfortable feeling. 


When you worship at shrines in the Ise area, you are good to understand the order and manners. 


If you arrive at this area, you will worship at "the shrine in Futami-ga-ura" (Meoto-Iwa) first.

Next, you worship at "Geku" of the Ise Shrine. 

Finally, you worship at "Naiku" of the Ise Shrine. 

Furthermore, when you wish formal worship here, you need to visit to pray in full dresses (suit etc.). 


If all the worship finishes, you can eat delicious "Akafuku(Red-bean-paste on rice cake)" in elegant Oharai-machi street.


[Area information]

Ise jinguMAP)*Ise Shrine Official Website

Ise jingu (Anime)

Ise Shrine



Ise City Travel Guide

Ise City (Internet TV)

Ise Tourism Guide(PDF)


[Means of transportation] 


<Tokyo(Narita・Haneda) → Omiya>


:Tokyo(Narita Airport)→ Omiya St. West Exit(Saitama)

 by Express BusTicket sales storeMAP

 *Keisei Bus

:Tokyo(Haneda Airport)→ Omiya St. West Exit(Saitama)

 by Express busTicket sales storeMAP

 *Airport Limousine


<Omiya → Toba>


Omiya St. West Exit(Saitama) → Toba St.(Mie)

 by Express BusTicket sales storeMAP:6F

 *You can purchase a bus ticket at "the Seibu bus office

  in 6F of an ARCHE building." 

 *Seibu Bus


You charter a taxi at Toba Station. And you visit to pray in order of Futami-ga-ura, Ge-ku, and Nai-ku. 


[Deep experience]

:Only the JINGU-KAIKAN hotel lodger's service: You can enjoy the early morning Ise Shrine (Nai-ku) sightseeing, being guided. (Detailed information


[Length of stay]

:Two or Three days


[Place of departure]

:Tokyo(Narita)→ Omiya St. West Exit(Saitama)

 Terminal1=No.7 Terminal2=No.11 MAP 

  *Keikyu Bus

:Tokyo(Haneda→ Omiya St. West Exit(Saitama)

  *Airport Limousine MAP

:Omiya St. West Exit(Saitama)(No.10)MAP

 → Toba St.(Mie)

  *Seibu Bus


[Place of arrival]

Toba St.(Mie)

[Recommended hotels]


JINGU-KAIKAN Hotel Tel: +81-596-22-0001

           Fax: +81-596-22-1517

*About the participation in early morning worship with a guide: You need to tell that to the hotel staff at the hotel arrival time. 



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