Kawasaki daishi temple 川崎大師

This wonderful temple is located in the place near Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport). There is atmosphere like "small Asakusa" in the town with this temple. 


Except the New Year or a big festival, it is a very peaceful and elegant town. Therefore, you can enjoy sightseeing calmly.  There, you can copy sutra using a brush and sumi, and can get coloring of a Buddhist painting. They will become the recollections of your pleasant trip. It will become your "cool" trip. 


Kawasaki Daishi Temple 川崎大師


[Area information]

Kawasaki daishiMAP


[Means of transportation] 

:Narita Airport → Haneda Airport(Tokyo)

 by Express BusTicket sales storeMAP

:Tokyo(Haneda Airport)→ Kawasaki stn.(Kanagawa)

 by Local BusTicket sales storeMAP

:Kawasaki station → Kawasaki daishi

 *The bus terminal of the Kawasaki Station

  east gate(No.7)

 by Local Bus(You pay a fare in a busMAP


[Deep experience]

:"the sutras copied by you

 and "painting the Buddha by you" 

 You can do experience these at the Yakushi-den

 of the temple.



[Length of stay]

:Half a day or a day 


[Place of departure]

:Tokyo(Haneda:No.10)→ Kawasaki station(Kanagawa)

  *Keikyu Bus

Kawasaki station(No.7)

 → Kawasaki daishi

  *Rinko Bus



[Place of arrival]

Kawasaki Staition

Kawasaki daishi

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