The trip to Kawazu Seven Waterfalls in Izu


You can see seven elegant waterfalls here. You stay at the Shuzenji hot spring on the previous day, and visit these waterfalls on the morning of the day. 


Then, you can see waterfalls by a walk slowly. Even if it is fine weather, cloudy weather, or a light rain on the day, this is a very pleasant place. 


[Area information]

Kawazu Seven Waterfalls


[Means of transportation]

:Tokyo(Shinjuku)→ Shuzenji(Izu)

 by Express BusTicket sales store

:Shuzenji → Kawazu Nanadaru

 by Local busTicket sales storeMAP


[Deep experience]

Kawazu Seven Waterfalls

 (Sightseeing guide


[Length of stay]

:One day to two days


[Place of departure]

:Tokyo(Shinjuku)→ Shuzenji(Izu)

  *Tokai Bus

Shuzenji → Kawazu Nana-daru(Seven Waterfalls)

  *Tokai Bus


[Place of arrival]

Kawazu Nana-daru(Seven Waterfalls)MAP


[Recommended hotels]

<Kawazu Nana-daru Hot spring>

AmagisoDetailed Information


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