Kita Daito Island 北大東島

This is not what is called a tourist resort. If you come to this island, you can feel a quiet and mild wind. And you can see the beautiful sea and "life scenery in the peaceful island" here. 


If you are looking at the scenery, your feeling will soften gradually. Wherever you may be in this island, someone of inhabitants know it. It is also glad. 

It is good only by your feeling relaxation on this island. 


[Area information]

Kita Daito Island(Wikitravel)

Kita Daito IslandKitadaito Village Office)

Kita Daito IslandOkunawa)

Kita Daito Island1)

Kita Daito Island2)

  *Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau


[Means of transportation] 


:Tokyo(Haneda or Narita) → Naha(Okinawa)



 Naha → Kita Daito 

 by AirJAL = RAC


[Deep experience]

:Island walk (Detailed information


[Length of stay]

:Two or Three days


[Place of arrival]

:Kita Daito Airport(Okinawa)MAP

[Recommended hotels]

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[Recommended BGM ♪]