Minami Daito Island 南大東島

An original ecosystem exists here. Since this island was distant from continents, very many peculiar animals and plants exist there. Therefore, It is said that "This whole island is a museum."


If you visit here, you will be good to travel together with the guide of this village. Then, you can enjoy wonderful scenes (a limestone cave, a harbor, the pool that hollowed the rock, The huge rock with a crack, etc.) and contact with an animal or a plant (most is an endemic species). Furthermore, this island has really interesting histories (an exploitation story, gastronomic culture, etc.). 


If you cannot speak Japanese, you will be good to also employ an interpreter.  The talk of the guide has so wonderful value. 


[Area information]

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  *Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau


[Means of transportation] 


:Tokyo(Haneda or Narita) → Naha(Okinawa)



 Naha → Minami Daito 

 by AirJAL = RAC


[Deep experience]

:Island walk (Detailed information

*For example,

 you can explore the lake which is underground,

 and you can walk along the "Bali Bali rock." 


[Length of stay]

:Two or Three days


[Place of arrival]

:Minami Daito Airport(Okinawa)MAP

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