The trip to Shosen-kyo 昇仙峡

You can enjoy wonderful ravine beauty in the four seasons here. And if you go to the summit of the mountain by the ropeway, very beautiful Mt. Fuji will appear in the face of you. 


Therefore, you need to have sufficient time for you to be satisfied. Then, you can enjoy the trip of Shosen-kyo thoroughly. This trip has good sightseeing with a walk slowly over many hours. 


[Area information]



[Means of transportation]

:Tokyo(Haneda)→ Kofu Express busTicket sales store

:TokyoNarita)→ Kofu Express busTicket sales store

:Tokyo(Shinjuku)→ Kofu Express busTicket sales store

:Kofu → Shosen-kyo Local busTicket sales store


[Deep experience]

the Shosenkyo Ropeway


[Length of stay]

:about  2 days


[Place of departure]

:Tokyo(Haneda)Haneda Airport *Keihin Kyuko Bus

:Tokyo(Narita)Narita Airport *Chiba Kotsu

:Tokyo(Shinjuku)Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal

  *Yamanashi Kotsu


[Transit place]

:Kofu Kofu Bus Terminal *Yamanashi Kotsu


[Place of arrival]



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