The world of ningyo joruri "Bunraku"

人形浄瑠璃 「文楽」の世界

The ningyo joruri "Bunraku" is a traditional puppet show of Japan. 


As for the show, an old tale of Japan is told by the special narrator together with a shamisen performance.


A narrator, a musician, and a puppet master connect with the one heart, and complete the world of wonderful "MIYABI." 





GAGAKU is the court music of Japan. It is the traditional music of Japan which united the music of the countries in ancient Asia with the music of ancient Japan. It is played in concert by Japanese traditional musical instruments (Japanese drums, a bamboo wind instrument, a double-reed instrument, a fife, etc.). 


In GAGAKU(the tone of the court music of Japan), the breath of Nature is performed in "melodies peculiar to Japan." 


Now, you can hear graceful GAGAKU in "the festival of the New Year or temples and shrines, and the marriage ceremony of Japan."