The tale of a celestial maiden's kimono


Once upon a time, the beautiful celestial maiden removed the kimono and was bathing herself on the beach of Miho-no-Matsubara in Shizuoka. 


The fisherman witnessed the scene. He tried to run away with the celestial maiden's kimono secretly. He thought that he will be able to fly in the sky if the celestial maiden's kimono is worn.

However, he was found by the celestial maiden. 

She said to him, "Please return my kimono." 

He said to her, "It will be returned if you show me graceful dancing." 

She said. "I make a promise. therefore, please return my kimono first. "

He said. "You will fly away without dancing, if I return the kimono to you." And he did not return it to her. 


She said. "A celestial maiden keeps her promise absolutely. I want you to trust me ". Then, he returned the kimono to her immediately. She did the wonderful dance and flew to the sky after that.