Koya-cho, Wakayama (Koyasan)


From Kansai International Airport (airport in Osaka) to Koyasan (Koyasan Station), it takes about 2.5 hours by train. The forest exists in the vast site of a beautiful temple. The forest has wonderful temples and the stone steps. This forest has been maintained in order to purify people's heart and body. You can stay at a quiet temple-lodge there. 


Area information

Forest Therapy in Kongobuji 高野山・森林セラピ


Nankai Koya Hot Net 南海高野 ほっと・ねっと

Means of transportation

・Kansai International Airport Sta.

 → Tenga-jaya Sta.(Nankai Airport Line:Nankai)

・Tenga-jaya Sta.

 → Gokuraku-bashi Sta.(Nankai Koya Line:Nankai)

・Gokuraku-bashi Sta. → Koyasan Sta.

 (Nankai Cable car:Nankai)


Information on a lodging

Shukubo in Koyasan 宿坊一覧