Okutama-cho, Tokyo 東京・奥多摩町

From Tokyo Station to Okutama-cho (Okutama Station), it takes about 2 hours by train. There is the wonderful forest of many around Okutama-ko lake. The forest has quiet and beautiful lakes and mountain streams, and waterfalls. Moreover, those who use a wheelchair can also enjoy a forest load there. You can stay at the peaceful lodge with the hot spring there. 


Area information

Okutama Forest Therapy 奥多摩 森林セラピー

Means of transportation

・Tokyo Sta. → Tachikawa Sta.(Chuo Line:JR)

・Tachikawa Sta. → Oume Sta.(Oume Line:JR)

・Oume Sta. → Okutama Sta.(Oume Line:JR)


Information on a lodging

Yuyado in Okutama 癒宿(ゆやど)の紹介

Mikawaya 三河屋

Gyokusui-so 玉翠荘

Kanko-so 観光荘