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"Shinto music and dance numbers"


"Shinto music and dance numbers" is called "KAGURA". The performance is offered up to Japanese gods. That's very fascinating.

In particular, KAGURA in the Iwami area (Shimane-ken) is colorful and gorgeous. That's one of a wonderful Japanese traditional entertainment. 

If you travel to Iwami area and enjoy "KAGURA", you'd be charmed by the world.


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The old wonderful street in Japan

Iwami Ginzan 石見銀山

The Iwami Ginzan registered into world heritage is in Shimane Prefecture in Japan. A tourist hardly comes here now. Therefore, it is a much more wonderful scene there. People also regained the peaceful life. 


Tourist facilities are not needed here. People are only living there tranquilly and there is value of enough that you visit there. The place with a life of such old wonderful good Japan like this is new. 


You only visit there and you could experience traditional Japan's beautiful life. It is good only at it. 


Iwami Ginzan 



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The ravine with many great huge rocks in Izumo

Oni no Shita Burui 鬼の舌震

"Oni no Shita Burui" is a wonderful ravine in Izumo.


There is "tragic tale of the shark which loved the beautiful princess" in this area. These strangely shaped rocks were placed so that a shark could not approach her. 


You will be charmed by the beauty and force when you visit this. You can enjoy the promenade walk for about 2 hours there. 




「鬼の舌震」は出雲の素晴らしい渓谷。この地域には「美しいお姫様に恋をした鮫の悲しい物語」がある。これらの奇岩は、鮫が彼女に接近できないように置かれた。ここを訪れる場合、あなたはその美しさと迫力に魅了されるだろう。あなたは、そこで2時間程度の遊歩道散策が楽しめる。 鬼の舌震(しまね観光ナビ

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The beautiful waterfall in Izumo

The Ryuzu-ga-taki waterfall in Izumo


The Ryuzu-ga-taki waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Japan. It is in Izumo.


When you go there, you have to protect your body from a bear or a Japanese giant hornet. 


The waterfall will give you supreme comfort, when you overcome distress and go there. 




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Wonderful Japanese gardens and Japanese paintings in Izumo

Adachi museum in a light rain


If you visit the Adachi Museum of Art, you will be good to go on the day of a light rain. 


Probably, in the art museum, you will be looking at the beautiful Japanese garden in a light rain forever. 


You could fully enjoy trees lively there and the white clouds which rise. 




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