Agematsu-cho, Nagano 長野・上松町

From Tokyo (Tokyo Station) to Agematsu-cho (Akazawa), it takes about 4 hours by the train and bus. The forest has a peaceful mountain stream and many wonderful hinokis. Moreover, the lovely and small retro train is in the forest. 

This is the birthplace of the forest therapy in Japan. 


Area information

Agematsu-cho 上松町・森林セラピ

Forest Therapy in Akasawa 赤沢・森林セラピー

Means of transportation

・Tokyo Sta. → Nagano Sta.

 (Nagano shinkansen Line:JR)

・Nagano Sta. → Kiso-fukushima Sta.

 (Shinonoi Line+Chuo Line:JR)

・Kiso-fukushima Sta. → Akasawa

 (Local Bus)


Information on a lodging

Nezame hotel ねざめホテル

Ryokan Haizawa ko-sen 旅館 灰沢鉱泉