Biei in Hokkaido 北海道・美瑛

Biei-cho is located at the center in Hokkaido. Biei has very beautiful scenery in the four seasons. 


From summer to autumn, the grand flower garden is the most graceful and beautiful. And it is called "the hill of patchwork" there. 


By driving the road on this colorful carpet of flowers by the bus or car, you will feel it very comfortable. Efforts of people who live in Biei save this beautiful scenery. 


Soup curry of Hokkaido スープカレー

The soup curry of Hokkaido is the hometown curry with many local delicious vegetables. 

This is the great medicinal curry which the chef of Hokkaido devised.  


A Soup curry has soup without the thickness using various spices, a herb, and flavor oil. 

This soup is a rare object of art. 

It has a lot the seasonal vegetables cut into the larger size in the soup. 

Therefore, it is very colorful and beautiful. 


The climate of Hokkaido maintains and supports the taste of this wonderful curry. If you take a Hokkaido trip, you will surely be able to enjoy this soup curry, looking at the scene of great Nature.