The sight-seeing boat of Yanagawa, and the steamed eel


You can ride on wooden small ships and can look at nostalgic scenery at the canal in Yanagawa. 


And you can do thrilling experience which must make the head low repeatedly, in order to pass under a small bridge. 


After it, you can eat "the steamed eel" said to be the most delicious in Japan. 


A Japanese box tree comb つげ櫛

If you comb your hair with the comb, static electricity will hardly occur in your hair.The comb is a Japanese comb made from a box tree. 


Once upon a time, in Kagoshima, when the female baby was born, there was a custom of planting one box tree in the yard. And when the girl grew, the comb was made from the tree and it was made bride's household effects. 


This comb has such heart-warming story.