Tsushima cat ツシマヤマネコ

A Tsushima cat is a leopard cat of a Japanese endemic species. It is only in the Tsushima islands. 

It has white spots in the back side of ears. And it has a very pretty face. 

Now, it is specified as endangered species. We have to protect these lovely leopard cats. 




MOTSU-NABE of Hakata 博多もつ鍋

MOTSU-NABE (giblets one-pot dishes) is the local culinary specialties in Fukuoka. It is one-pot dishes made from "the internal organs of a cow or a pig" and many vegetables (a cabbage, a scallion, a garlic, etc.). 


If you finish eating meat and vegetables, only very wonderful and delicious broth will remain into the pot. Then, Chanpon noodles (hometown noodles in the Kyushu district) are supplied in the broth. This is the most delicious ramen noodles. 


If you travel to Fukuoka, you will be able to taste until you are satisfied in these great one-pot dishes.