Goldfish paper lantern festival


A goldfish paper lantern is made from Japanese paper and a bamboo stick. 


The goldfish paper lantern festival was born to the hint in Nebuta Festival of Aomori. 


This festival is contrastive with brave Nebuta Festival, and is a lovely festival. 

If no less than 5000 paper lanterns illuminate the town of night, you can see a fantastic and elegant scene. 


Adachi Museum of Art 足立美術館

Adachi Museum of Art has vast Japanese gardens and Japanese paintings. 


And you can appreciate "the landscape which can feel breath of Japan" from the rectangle hole in the wall of the Japanese-style room there.

Moreover, you can appreciate "the landscape of a powerful Japanese garden" also from the large window of the rectangle of an exhibition room. 


Furthermore, the wonderfulness of this art museum is that the circumference is the country surrounded by beautiful mountains.


Adachi Museum of Art 足立美術館

The Japanese paintings in Adachi Museum of Art