Echizen-oroshi-soba 越前おろしそば

Echizen-oroshi-soba is what poured cold broth over grated daikon-radish on buckwheat noodles. The buckwheat-noodles craftsmen of the top level are making these simple buckwheat noodles. Therefore, it is the most delicious. 


The most important thing is "using the water, the daikon-radish, and buckwheat flour in Fukui."  Fukui has really wonderful Nature and climate about delicious buckwheat noodles. 


If you travel Fukui, you will surely be able to enjoy these great buckwheat noodles. 


Karaori 唐織

Karaori is the most gorgeous also in a Nishijin brocade (great textiles made in Kyoto). The textiles have a beautiful and colorful pattern like embroidery. 


In old Japan, it was the shogun family's clothes. Even now, the great art is inherited by traditional-handicrafts craftsmen. And, you can see it as clothes of a Noh play. 


You could enjoy Noh play art with these wonderful clothes, when you look at a Noh play in Japan.