"Buri shabu" of Amanohashidate


"Buri shabu" is local culinary specialties of Amanohashidate in Kyoto. It is shabu-shabu one-pot dishes of a yellowtail. 


Only in a short time, you can dip a sliced yellowtail into the hot broth containing sea tangle and vegetables. And you can eat it with lemon-soy sauce. 


Although it was the recipe born recently, the wonderful delicious taste became reputation immediately. And it is one of the great shabu-shabu one-pot dishes now. 


Himeji Castle 姫路城

Himeji Castle is the most beautiful in Japanese castles. 


In spring, the beautiful white castle tower surrounded by cherry blossoms shines more gracefully. And it is called the alias "egret castle." This castle is a miraculous castle which has not been burned down once. 


While you are walking from the castle gate slowly to the castle tower, you can spend very elegant time.