Ukai in Nagaragawa-river 長良川の鵜飼

Ukai is a traditional fish-catching method of Japan which gets a sweet fish using a cormorant.


In this fishing method, a sweet fish does not have a scratch in the body. Therefore, the sweet fish is served in a local restaurant as a very high-class Japanese-style dish. 


In the Ukai fishing method, fishermen wear traditional uniforms (formal headgear for court nobles, a grass skirt, etc.).


"The scene which fishermen burn a bonfire at the tip of traditional wooden boats, and carries out a fishery" is very elegant. 


You can enjoy this graceful scenery in Nagaragawa-river in Gifu. Moreover, you can eat this precious sweet fish dish there. 


Ukai in Nagaragawa-river

Usho-no-ie Sugiyama


Ukai in Nagaragawa-river 長良川鵜飼

Usho-no-ie Sugiyama 鵜匠の家 すぎ山

Gifu-cho ギフチョウ

Gifu-cho is a swallowtail butterfly peculiar to Japan. 

Since the butterfly has elegant beauty, the butterfly is called "the spring goddess." 


The "pattern of red, yellow, and an orange" of a goddess is very impressive.

In Japan, if spring comes, Gifu-cho will grow wings and will fly about gracefully in a natural woodland. 


The beginning of the month in April, if you visit to Kanayama-cho in Gifu, you will be able to see the beautiful butterflies in a peaceful field.