The emerald green sea and San-Shin (stringed instrument of Okinawa)


If you are walking along the white sand beach in Okinawa slowly, you will be able to hear the Okinawa folk song by San-Shin performance. 


The melody and a comfortable sea breeze make people's soul relax. 


If a traveler wishes, how to play the traditional musical instrument “San-Shin” of Okinawa can be learned there. 



↓↓↓Lesson scenery of San-Shin

The Okinawa style tea ceremony "BUKUBUKU-CHA"

琉球茶道 ぶくぶく茶

"BUKUBUKU-CHA" is the tea ceremony of Okinawa which whips the tea of rice like a snow-covered mountain. 


Hard water with the coral ingredient of Okinawa becomes this wonderful bubble. 


You can enjoy it gracefully under a peaceful blue sky in Okinawa.