Taco rice タコライス

Taco-rice is one of the local culinary specialties in Okinawa. Taco-rice has foods (ground meat, cheese, a tomato, lettuce, etc.) of a taco on the boiled rice. And 

You can eat it, pouring salsa sauce. 


Since diplomacy of Okinawa (Ryukyu Kingdom in those days) was frequently carried out to foreign countries from ancient times, Okinawa has absorbed various foreign culture. Therefore, Okinawa has peculiar culture in Japan. Taco-rice was born as original Okinawa food by absorbing the gastronomic culture of a U.S. continent. 


Thus, the culture of Okinawa has the culture which unites various culture and makes a new thing. It is called "Chanpuru culture." 


If you take a trip to Okinawa, you will be able to find this wonderful Chanpuru culture everywhere.