Shisa of Yoneko-yaki 米子焼のシーサー

Shisa of Yoneko-yaki is the ceramic Okinawa lion in Ishigaki Island. And it is very colorful and has a lovely face. It is a guardian deity of the safety of the family. 


The lovely face will make you feel so happy in an instant. 


It is because Shisa of Yoneko-yaki has great energy (the energy makes all people happy) very very much. 


Yoneko-yaki Kobo





Ryukyu glass 琉球ガラス

"Ryukyu glass" is the handicraft made from the glass in Okinawa. It is a colorful and beautiful glass tumbler for drinking "awamori (sake of Okinawa)". 


At the beginning, it reused empty bottles, such as colas and beers of the U.S. Forces, and was made at the postwar years. Since the bottles of various colors were reused, in the manufacturing process, it was colorful and had a design with air bubbles peculiar to Okinawa. 


Now, it has won popularity as graceful "work of art with air bubbles." 


If you also drink awamori by this Ryukyu glass, you will be able to feel it as very delicious awamori. 


Ryukyu Glass Craft


Ryukyu Glass Craft 琉球ガラス村