Iida in south Shinshu 南信州・飯田

This peaceful town is located in the central part of Japan. 

This town is surrounded by beautiful mountains. 

The city area is on a river terrace, and there is the scenery of nostalgic Japan (the remains of a castle town, a rice terrace, a brook, a forest, an orchard, etc.).


In summer, the wonderful fireworks display is held in the summer festival in temples and shrines every week. 


If you want to take a walk the country town in Japan leisurely, you will be good to visit this town. If you go to the elegant temples and shrines in a rural landscape, you will be able to relax in the mood of being very comfortable. 



[Area information]

Minami-Shinshu Navi


[Means of transportation] 


:Tokyo(Shinjuku highway bus terminal) → Iida St.

 by Express bus(KeioShin-nanIna-bus

  (Ticket sales storeMAP 


[Deep experience]

:Risshaku-Ji temple(Detailed information


[Length of stay]

:Two or Three days


[Place of departure]

:Tokyo(Shinjuku highway bus terminal MAP



[Place of arrival]

:Iida St.(Nagano)MAP

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