Nishizawa Gorge 西沢渓谷

The hiking course (the time required is about 4.5 hours) exists in the quiet and beautiful woods in Yamanashi. There, it is necessary minimum maintenance (handrail of a chain, etc.) so that people can walk safely. Therefore, in beautiful Nature, you can enjoy the hike in comfort. 


Seemingly, there are many fairies here. If you walk along this hiking course, you will be able to understand it. You will feel it, even if you cannot see fairies. 


[Area information]

Nishizawa Gorge


[Means of transportation] 


:Tokyo(Shinjuku St.) → Yamanashi-shi St.

 by Limited Express Train “Azusa” or “Kaiji”(JR EAST

  (Ticket sales storeMAP 


 Yamanashi-shi St. → Nishizawa Keikoku Iriguchi

 by Local Bus (You pay a fare in a bus


[Deep experience]

:Nishizawa Gorge hiking course(Detailed information


[Length of stay]

:One day or Two days


[Place of departure]

:Tokyo(Shinjuku St. No.9-10 MAP


:Yamanashi-shi St.(Yamanashi

  *Yamanashi city bus MAP


[Place of arrival]

:Nishizawa Keikoku Iriguchi(Yamanashi)MAP

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