Fujiko・F・Fujio Museum


The art museum which can feel the Doraemon world is located in Kawasaki. This "Fujiko・F・Fujio Museum" has exhibition of the author's original pictures, and a wonderful garden. 


Moreover, you can eat the sweet bean pancakes "DORA-YAKI" which Doraemon likes there. And you can eat the secret tool "memorization bread" of Doraemon there. 


Although it is natural, "The rat which is an enemy of Doraemon cannot come in here" is written to the signboard. 


Since the manager thought that he wanted you to enjoy fully here, you need to purchase a ticket in advance at the convenience store "Lawson" in Japan. Therefore, you can be immersed in the very wonderful Doraemon world here. 





"HAMAYA" is an arrow for driving away an evil spirit. It is one of the charms which can be purchased in a shrine of the New Year. 


There is a tale (handing down) of the brothers who were samurais. 


Once upon a time, There was very brave Samurai-Brothers. They were very strong and kind. At a certain time, the elder brother-samurai was deceived by the avaricious man, and the elder brother-samurai was killed. 


Then, the avaricious man also tried to kill the younger brother-samurai. Then, the woman (her name is "OFUNE") arranged so that the younger brother-samurai could take a ship, and saved him. 

Therefore, "OFUNE" was killed by the avaricious man. 


And again, when the avaricious man tries to have killed the younger brother-samurai, the elder brother-samurai's ghost killed the avaricious man with "The arrow from Heaven."  The arrow is "HAMAYA (demon-breaking arrow)."


Even now, the tale can be performed as Kabuki or Bunraku. This is a tradition in Nitta shrine




Nitta Shrine 新田神社