Ryushi Kawabata's atelier and garden


Ryushi Kawabata (his real name is Shotaro Kawabata) is a painter of a Japanese painting. His old residence and atelier are precious cultural assets of Ota-ku, Tokyo. 


He has noticed that he is a child of Ryujin (the appearance of the God is a dragon) at a certain time. 

And he named Ryu-Shi (child of Ryujin) to himself. 


He had living things (trees, flowers, frogs, etc.) indispensable to his creation in the garden around his atelier. Now, you can see his wonderful Japanese garden. This is also great cultural assets. 


If you take a walk the garden, you will be able to discover Ryujin which is a part of his soul in various places (trees, a house, moss, a stone, light and a shadow, etc.). 


You could also see his life with his works of art here. 


Ryushi Memorial Museum

Ryushi Kawabata


Ryushi Memorial Museum 龍子記念館

Ryushi Kawabata 川端龍子

Sasa-dango 笹団子

Sasa-dango is the Japanese sweets which wrapped the mugwort dumpling in the leaf of bamboo grass. It is the traditional sweets of Niigata where there is a very wonderful smell in it. 


In the mugwort dumpling, red bean paste, a kinpira burdock root, etc. are contained. Since bamboo grass had a bactericidal action, Sasa-dango was the samurai's preserved food once. 


The mascot of Sasa-dango is "SASA-DANGON."  You will be able to meet these great Japanese sweets and lovely SASA-DANGON, if you travel to Niigata. 



Tanaka-ya 田中屋

Sasa-dangon ササダンゴン