"SHISHI-ODOSHI" is equipment which generates sound automatically and periodically with hydraulic power. It plays an elegant sound of a bamboo and water in a Japanese garden. 


At first, it was devised in order to drive off deer in fields. Since the sound was too great, it was used also for the garden art. 


It is one of the elements indispensable to a elegant tea ceremony performed in the open air even now. 


A lion dance of Japan, “SHISHI-MAI”


SHISHI-MAI is traditional performing arts of Japan which lions dance in accordance with festival musical accompaniment.


It has a respectively peculiar dance in Japanese various places. It appears to the festival of charm against misfortunes. And people bit by lions can live without being taken illness. 


If a lion-dance is found in a New Year festival or a summer festival, you also get lions to bite you and you will be happy.