Shichi-go-san 七五三

Shichigosan (7-5-3) is an event which celebrates a child's growth in Japan. It is a ceremony to be held in the 3rd year, the 5th year, and 7th year, after a baby is born. The ceremony is held in temples and shrines.


And children wear a beautiful kimono and eat "long life candy (long and slender candy bar)". The candy is a present from the parents for a child. 


If you will visit the temples and shrines in Japan around November, you will be able to see the smiling face of the children who wore the lovely kimono. 


Yumeji Takehisa (1884-1934) 竹久夢二

Yumeji Takehisa is the great painter who played an active part in Meiji, Taisho, and Showa Era. He was called "the ukiyoe artist of Taisho Era" and he drew many beautiful-woman pictures. 


He is also a pioneer of the advertising graphic design in Japan. He had very original color sense and style of painting. Therefore, even now, his work charms us earnestly as well as people in those days. 


If you want to see his works thoroughly, you are good to go to his art museum of Okayama, Tokyo, or Kanazawa. In order that his wonderful world may welcome you, it is there. 





The Yumeji Art Museum(Okayama)


The Takehisa Yumeji Museum(Tokyo)


Kanazawa Yuwaku Yumeji-kan Museum(Kanazawa)