A Japanese kite 和凧

A Japanese kite is made from a bamboo and Japanese paper, and a Kabuki actor, an insect, etc. are drawn on it. 


A long time ago, when a male baby was born , the kite flying was carried out in order to wish the baby's congratulation, and healthy growth. 


Now, the huge kite which swims in the sky dignifiedly is one of the New Year scenery of Japan. 



TAI-YAKI is the sponge cake of the figure of a sea bream with red bean paste. It is tradition Japanese sweets. 


Once, since the sea bream was very expensive for people, the confectionery craftsman invented as "sweets of the sea bream for eating it freely." 


Hot TAI-YAKI is a very sweet smell, and has deep wonderful texture. You will be happy feeling if you eat this TAI-YAKI on a somewhat cool day.